If Only We Had Tile Skill

The title of this post says it all.  If only we had tile skill.  Or the guts to give tile a try.  Ever since we installed the new vanity top in the bathroom, as well as the chandelier – I’ve been dreaming of an all tile bathroom.  Tile just makes a bathroom look so much more clean, and bright.   Right now, all of our walls are just painted and it looks so dull.  I can only imagine how the light of the chandelier would just glisten off a shiny wall tile.   Sigh.  I’ve looked at so many different blogs, and websites in regards to adhering tile, and each resource scares me more and more.   There isn’t a lot of room for error with tile, and unfortunately – Andrew and I are of the “If first you don’t succeed, try, try again” breed.   Let’s go back to the fact that the dresser that we just finished was started back in November, and failed miserably the first time.   The second time around was a winner though, but I fear as though there is really no second time around for tile.  So, what’s a girl to do in this predicament?  Oh, sit online for hours and stare at tile as well as photos of glorious bathrooms, as a form of torture. Obviously.

But as I look at this bathroom below…the wheels are turning.


So, let’s say Andrew and I randomly decided one day to take on this project – which tile should I choose?  I better already have it picked out, in the event, we ever do decide!  I would hate to waste time looking for tile because we just may talk ourselves out of the project.   Yes, it’s much better to plan ahead in this kind of circumstance.

Bathroom Tile

  1. Key Largo with Glass, 23.99 square foot.
  2. Coral Springs Mix, 47.99 square foot.
  3. Basketweave Mountain White, 5.29 square foot.
  4. Hex Matte White, 5.59 square foot.

Out of the top four, I’m leaning more towards the hypothetical usage of 1 and 4.    Tile option 1 would look so gorgeous in the shower, and I’d love to see tile open 4 all over the non-shower walls.   Pair that with a really elegant marble floor, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous hypothetical bathroom.

Maybe when we win the lottery.


J and A

Back Splash Dilemma

You know how one project always leads to another, and then another and maybe another?  Well, that’s what I’m knee-deep in right now.   Projects.  Since we put in our new vanity top in our bathroom,  we’ve been staring at an unfinished piece of wall.   That’s okay for a few days, maybe a week or two – but not for too long!

In trying to move the project along,  it’s time to start looking up ideas as to what we could do to fix things up.   The first problem to address is obviously the unfinished section of wall.   But, since the fixed elements are already “fixed”,  we don’t have too much wiggle room to mix things up, unless we wanted to spend a fortune.  Guess what! We don’t.

Would tile be the way to go?  Or would it look too choppy?  Maybe just paint with a stencil decal?  Or eliminate the need for a back splash at all and just get a large mirror (courtesy the gals at work)? Leave it be and paint it off?  Aluminum decorative tile?

With no idea at all what to do, it was time to head on over to Pinterest.com and see what options were out there.

Back Splash(Source)

Back Splash(Source)

Sarah Richardson(Source)


Build Shelf, Tile Under(Source)

So many different wonderful and beautiful options!   Which ones are your favorite?  Which one should I use and tweak for our needs?  So many things to take into consideration, that’s for sure!

Love, J and A

Did A Bomb Just Go Off?

We have this really bad tendency to allow the office to become the place where legends go to die.   We throw things in this  room, shut the door, and pretend like it doesn’t exist.    Then, every day, we come into this room and complain about how terrible it is.  When did we get this bad?  Where the heck did all of this stuff come from?  More importantly,  how are we doing to handle it?

When we first moved in,  we were in a frantic hurry to get some semblance of an office put together because the semester was starting a week later.   The his and her work space was born.   Functional, yes.  Comfortable, no.   The line of sight when walking into the office are our two L-Shaped desks butt up against the wall, and giant black chairs in front of them.  For a room that doesn’t get a lot of light,  it can look really heavy.

Another big problem?  No proper storage!  Our glass top desks lack drawers and it drives me crazy on a daily basis.   To offset it,  we bought two black three drawer carts.  They serve a purpose, but not really all that functional and/or pretty.

Oh god

Mess Party





None of you out there are envying me right now.

But you will.

Because I have a plan!

Planning an office overhaul can be tricky, confusing, frustrating and kind of terrible.   To make it less horrid,  I started with a sheet of paper and a pencil in order to draft out what I’m looking for.  Ideally, I’d love to run a long counter top against the wall to the left of the entrance.   The counter top would be supposed by two drawer units with lots of storage.   In the right corner of the office,  I’d love to have another table that I could designate for sewing and crafting.   It’s really annoying taking all of my crafty items out into the dining room since that’s the only table with space.

Here is a rough draft of what I’m thinking.  Don’t mind the fact that Ikea hasn’t updated their home planner since 2009, so I can’t even configure current lines of furniture.

I adore the Expedit Workstation from Ikea because it’s the perfect table top for crafts, but it also has storage.   I could keep all of my crafts, fabrics, and sewing needs neatly organized in baskets, and tucked away beautifully in the bookcase.  Imagine this bad boy in the right hand corner of the office rendering.


Now picture this counter top running from wall to wall, with two drawer units as support.


I’m thinking this is going to come together quite nicely.   But, in order to make all of this happen – I must save, save, save.   Between furniture, organizational items, accessories and rugs –  we’re looking at 700 dollars!  Crazy, right?  When you think about it though,  it’s not all too bad considering the outcome and how great it’ll be!   Like every project in the Evans’ household,  this one will most certainly be done in pieces.

Dare I say it is Craig’s List time?  Purge party!

Love, J and A