Happy New Year!

A lot of things could be potentially changing for us this year. A lot of plans that we had made could be put on the back burner, or removed from the oven completely. There is just no telling, but we’ll get to that later – don’t worry. Whenever the New Year starts, I really try to sit down and pen a few things to work on for the year. But, like everyone else – it lasts all of a week and then you’ve conveniently misplaced your resolutions. Oh well. But this year – I am REALLY going to try. For one, I told myself I wasn’t going to eat fast food this year. It’s day 6 and not a McDonald’s in sight. That’s HUGE for me. It’s not just about fast food, there were a lot of things I really wanted to make a conscious effort to improve in order to become a better me.

As I’m writing this, my next door neighbor’s partner is backing their truck up between the two houses in order to clean out her back yard. The truck in our property, inches away from our air conditioner, but yet…I’m not running out there telling her she’s an asshole, and that she needs to get off our property ASAP.  I’m trying patience, a little better. If she cleans out her backyard, I don’t have to see all of the garbage from our deck. More importantly, I plan on taking the passive (and way more long-term) approach of getting a fence between the two houses and really messing up her life.  This isn’t the first time I’ve looked out my office window and seen a truck there.  Maybe there is hope for me yet in the patience department, because like I said – I’m not out there ripping her a new one.  First world problems, I know.  If you lived next to Jody, you’d understand.

Currently, I’ve been hit with the flu bug, running a baby fever and basically feeling like death warmed over. As much as it stinks to feel cruddy, I can at least use this time to rest my brain and jot down some ideas to make 2014 a year of improvements and growth.  Even better, use this time to take one of my resolutions to heart, and that is “make time for creativity”.


What did you come up with  for your resolutions this year? Let me know, and lets work together to actually achieve them this year! The best way to get though something is to have someone to hold you accountable, and I’d love to do that for you!



  1. kgstyle says

    My resolutions (if you can call it that…) more like a lifestyle change or a “MAKEOVER” as I just wrote about in my ONE WORD for 2014 is to be “Happy and Healthy!” I think I want that tattooed in another language on me somewhere.

    I loved all of yours, friend! Go to my site and under “The MAKEOVER ISSUE” read why I chose the word MAKEOVER.

    Keep it Touched,

    • Jessica Evans says

      LOVE the makeover thing! Especially, like you mentioned in your blog post, about organization! There are so many areas in my house that are cluttered with things I haven’t looked at, thought about, or needed in months if not years. Time to purge, purge, purge! Each week, I plan on going through a new space and cleaning house!


      • kgstyle says

        Awesome, friend.
        I think that de-cluttering and organizing can make us feel so alive! and so free…
        That’s a great goal. Download the cleaning calendar for each week of the year to stay on track.


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