Under New Ownership

Andrew and I decided to hop in the truck today and make the 40 minute trek to St. Petersburg to hit up our favorite antique shop.  It had been over a year since we had been last, so we were definitely due for it.    Once we parked and were outside Gas Plant Antique Mall,  I knew something was a little off but I couldn’t put my finger on it.   Could it be the eBay sign outside of the shop?  Or the giant consignment sign?  Maybe it was the rap music coming from inside the building that was sending me a different vibe?   The further we dug around the 1st floor, the more realized this wasn’t the same Gas Plant we had grown to love.

Three dreaded words came to mind.



We couldn’t have been more devastated. All the original vendors jumped ship after the sale last August, and we were left with clutter, disarray, tacky pieces and did I already mention the rap music?

It wasn’t until we reached the third floor, that our heavy hearts were feeling some sort of relief. Coming up the stairs, I heard disco music playing and spotted fabulous patterns.    We had just stepped into a different era.  Praise the lord.   Furnish Me Vintage opened up shop on the third level.   Andrew was in heaven for all of the Danish furniture he was tripping over.   (Danish, hunny, not Swedish.  Don’t get too excited.)

In all of the awfulness that is now Gas Plant, Furnish Me Vintage was a breath of fresh air.

Then I saw these chairs.

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