That one time we went to Georgia

Back in February, we were getting pretty restless with our every day schedule.  Things were getting fairly stagnant, as I settled into my “post graduation” life.  But being on a budget limited us greatly on what we could do to take a break and get out of town for a while.  Thankfully, it occurred to me that I had racked up some Marriott points and had earned 2 free nights stay from all of our trips to Daytona Beach last year to check out Palmer College of Chiropractic.   Off to the Marriott website I went and found a beautiful resort in Pine Mountain, Georgia.   Only about 7 hours away from us, and we could hike and relax and take in the sites of a laid back town.  It was a no brainer for us!  We drove up on a Thursday morning, and stayed until Sunday morning.  We hiked in FDR park, we spent time in Warm Springs learning about FDR, we walked the trails of Callaway Gardens, we ate amazing food and most importantly – we disconnected from the world and spent much needed quality time together.  We learned something very important on that trip, and that’s the fact that we hate living in Florida. Haha.  We’re much more “at home” in climates that allow us time in nature without sand getting in every crevice and dealing with the sweltering heat.

One thing I really did enjoy about Pine Mountain was how small of a community it was.  The downtown area was incredibly charming with great antique shops, and boutiques.  Everyone seemed to know one another, which is something you don’t find in these Florida parts.  It was honestly refreshing.  We had an amazing dinner at an adorable restaurant called Bon Vivant.  Great food, even better dessert and they even made legit old school milkshakes.  It was all perfect!  And you know what else, we got to do?  Geocache!  Andrew and I love geocaching these days, especially because it’s free entertainment. :-)  It’s especially fun to find trinkets in other states.

Below are some of my favorite shots that we took during our adventures in Pine Mountain. Enjoy!



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